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Around 9:45 am Saturday morning, we finally arrived at the Canadian border. It took about 15 minutes to get across with some pretty standard questions like," what the faak are you doing in Canada, eh?" "Car meet." Once we crossed it was like a whole new world. The road signs were in km and the traffic things were a little wacky. But we finally made it to Vancouver. We were winging the trip so, we didn't really have a hotel to stay at. We found one in downtown but the room wasn't ready. We had time to kill, so we headed to Chinatown which our tour guide evo119 said was a mere six blocks away. He miscounted and it turned out to be quite farther than 6 blocks from the hotel. We finally reached Chinatown, but we couldn't make out the words above the arch. Little did we know that the arch said in Chinese, welcome to "crack whore city." We continued into uncharted land where alleys were filled with hookers and people shooting up crack. In the midst of all this was a Yip Family Reunion where everyone was required to wear a red construction hat. We made it through the madness to the Dr Sun garden. By this time, the Angry Panda was dizzy from lack of real food for the last 16 hours. We had dim sum and bought some illegal fruit and headed back. We still had time to kill so we stop by the harbor. It was a beautiful day.
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