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We went back to hotel and the room still wasn't ready. The food in Chinatown Vancouver wasn't so good and with time to kill we hung out at the cafe in the hotel lobby. dr.phuOnger? by this time had not slept for more than 24 hours and he was noticablely a little tired. We ordered some food, while evo119 ordered a mojito to combat the two 5 hours energy shots he had taken on the way up. I myself had some bbq pork burger sliders that were really good. The drink soon took effect as we rode a elevator with this drunkard attempting to get us up to our room. At this point, everybody passed out within a matter of 2 minutes except dr.phuOnger? who was trying to get us communication without the outside world through the internet since the trip was consists of cheapskates who refused to call with roaming charges. After a brief but much needed rest, we headed out to meet with E90power AKA Webbie AKA Webb AKA Websta, our Canuck Eh? tour guide for the night. After meeting up with Webbie, he took us to a awesome carwash place. We had killed many generations of bugs while on our trip up. The carwash washed off all the bugs and cleaned the rims really well. Afterwards, we attempted to go to BC Sushi, but we simply could not find any parking. We then decided to get away from everyone watching the fireworks and headed to the night market to grab some more food. This Angry Panda was so hungry that he only took one shot and was busy stuffing his face for the rest of the night. Afterwards, we headed to Granville Island for a photoshoot while making a pit stop at Shell. But BLASTED! this Angry Panda had drunk too much and had to find a washroom (thats what a restroom is called in Canada Eh?). longtran and I decided to call it a night while evo119 and dr.phuOnger? decided to paint the town. The next morning we arrived at Queen Elizabeth Park for the meet.
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