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After snapping a few shots, we walked across the street to grab some grub. We pigged out and got some instructions on the best way to leave town. We walked back to the lot and longtran did a live demo on how to install M3 painted side reflectors. The crowd went wild. By then, we had to say goodbye and make our way south back to the states. evo119 and dr.phuOnger? headed straight back to Cali while I apparently hitched a ride with a F1 driver back to Seattle and Portland.

It was a fun trip filled with many memories and funny stories.

Big thanks to Webbie and the Vancouver peeps for bringing us around for the day and half when we were there. Sorry to the Seattle peeps that we cancelled the meet but your state has way too many cops. Oregon people, which I believe now to be mostly tree elves, you got some sick bridges and landscapes for some amazing photoshoots. All the cities I went to, (maybe cause we were always in downtown) reminded me of San Francisco.

Next time we visit, we are flying for sure.
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