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thanks for the effort put into this Malek. one question for you: while you were adjusting settings, was the music you were playing comming from an ipod or were you playing through a cd/mp3 cd?

one thing i have noticed is that when i play music through my ipod, the treble is much brighter (almost ear piercingly so at higher volumes) compared to when i play a regular cd, mp3 cd. or usb stick. has anyone else noticed this themselves?

i have a wide music collection in mp3 and cd form. it's unfortunate that the sound is different comming from an ipod compared to a regular cd. with the settings that have been posted in this thread, i find music much more enjoyable when playing as a cd or regular mp3. my ears tend to ache after a bit if i'm playing music through my ipod.

just some observations i had.