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Originally Posted by kennethpetro View Post
I've DEFINITELY noticed this too. I read in a previous post that you have to have your equalizer settings on your ipod to OFF as well as having the volume either all the way up (or down) i can't remember right now because i'm not in my car to check. Also, the bitrate of the mp3 greatly effects the range of highs and lows. I found that it sounds the best when i put songs with a 192 bitrate.

BTW - Your location "office desk" is f**king hilarious" I swear i'm on this website posting for 50% of my day at work! LOL
+1 Make sure your internal Ipod EQ settings are set to off or flat. But ultimately the quality of your MP3's will depend on the bitrate they were ripped. Also, it will depend somewhat whether you are using the headphone connection to the Ipod or using the line-in connection.

Going to give these settings a try this afternoon, I like how mine sounds now, but will see if this works out better. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in car stereo installations/setup and have a "trained" ear for how the stereo should sound in the car. However its also nice for someone to have put some actual science behind their setup settings and used an analyzer.