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Originally Posted by Spin View Post
There is no doubt the warranty would be voided if the remap was identified but after the last 6 cars have been mapped from different brands I have yet to have an issue, the majoirty of remaps are transparent to the dealer diagnostics so the obvious sign is the extra performance if the car is driven but having said that unless the tech drives 2 335D's back to back he is unlikely to notice.

The same company do offer a lower bhp but higher Torque map (345 & 730nm) but apparently this spins the wheels in 3rd so definetly not what I'm looking for

I do have a preference for 'switchable' maps but have yet to find a tuner that offers this for the BMW, my last car - an Audi S3 8P was mapped by GIAC accompanied by a handheld flashloader so this could be switched back to standard for any regular dealer visits - servicing etc

Hopefully someone will be along with some advice but if not I'll let you guys know how I get on..
Excellent choice Spin,

My only concern is that you're doing too soon. I'm not too worried about the engine not being ready for it, but 1000 miles isn't much to really feel the difference. Can't say I'm much better myself.. I did it after 2000 miles :-)

About wheelspin spinning in third does sound a bit over the top. Mine "only" clocked in at 720nm after the remap, but I'm only getting slight spin in 2nd. Also, I'd very much opt for the higher HP version tuneup. You're sitting pretty already at "just" 650+nm.
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