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Originally Posted by dejav0o
I changed my oil for the first time today, but when I took off the nut, I noticed there wasn't a crush washer attached to the nut. I figured it might've just fell into the oil while it was draining, so I didn't bother checking. I placed the new crush washer onto the bolt and screwed it on after the oil drained completely.

But now that I'm thinking back, I'm kinda worried the crush bolt was stuck to the oil pan itself. From everyone's experiences, does the stock crush washer come off with the nut? or is it stuck onto the oil pan..? And if it is, would I need to redo it if I just placed the new washer on and just screwed it back on (meaning I may possibly have 2 washers now)?

I haven't driven the car yet since I'm missing 1qt of oil and all the shops are closed for tonight, but after starting it for a few seconds, I didn't notice any drips yet... Is this something that needs to be fixed? Or do you guys think it will be ok?
in my non-mechanical experience, there is always a washer for the drain plug. I am not sure what you mean by crush washer. When you buy the oil filter, it comes with a regular washer to replace the old one. Again, in my non-mechanical experience, if you use the washer that comes with the new oil filter, then you are ok. Yes, the old washer could still be stuck on the oil pan. I would think that you should be ok if you had 2 washers. Next time you do the oil change, make sure you check the oil pan to see if one is stuck to it. By design, the washer is not suppose to stick to the oil pan and should be discarded and replace with the new washer (at least that what I have been told).