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Originally Posted by mfstout
BTW-One more addition to my test drive. Like many of you I have wondered about the ride quality of the 18" sport run-flats. I did not start out as a huge e90 convert. I still have some issues, but I must say that the ride felt wonderful. If you are on the fence about 17" vs 18" tires and sports vs non-sports suspension, honestly, I think you will not be disappointed at all if you go with the sports package. In fact, you will be very pleasantly surprised. Ride was smooth but still let you feel the road. I was completely unaware of the 18" tires and the fact that they were run-flats and I had it on the brain the entire time. Also, the car looks soooooo much better with the 18" tires. Too bad they couldn't figure out how to make it look right with 17inchers but what can you do?

I'm not sure about all of the design philosophies guiding BMW today, but those darn engineers sure know their sheist.

Drive fast.


Thanks a million for the review. This is a huge relief for me. I had been worried about the ride quality, because I orderd the E90 with Sport package and 18" wheels without a test-drive, since the E90 is only gonna be launched here on May 9.

I've been hoping to hear exactly what you've just shared. What a relief. Thanks.

I've gotten a lot of warnings about a possibly harsh ride from the 18" wheels, but I decided to order them anyway. I'm glad to hear such good news from someone who has first hand experience on the subject.

I agree, the 18" wheels look perfect on the E90.
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