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No start on diesel is opening them up for a nice lawsuit. When that one chucklehead forgets or just doesnt refill the special fluid and gets stuck in the middle of nowhere and is hurt or dies or some other bad thing happens and they cant start their car...... How about a limp mode instead of no start......

I wanted a new Diesel but i dont like the idea of not starting because of lack fluid. Plus the gas mileage isnt that much better. i know its got to get better that the listed value.

Crap do I have to get a VW Diesel sportwagon?

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Two things..The no start doesn't say no go. I haven't seen anything that said the car will stop running if the tank is empty.

Secondly, the requirement to maintain fluid is just like any other consumable (Fuel, Oil, A/T fluid). I doubt there would be any damage awards to idiot drivers who forgot to fill up their tank on their way from LA to LV.