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Originally Posted by downstrung View Post
Logic 7 is a significant upgrade. If you're serious about your music, you should get it. I just got myself an 08 335 with it, and after having an e90 328 with the base stereo, I am happy that my car has the logic system. The first thing I noticed is the imaging; center channel is dead center for the driver and the passenger, which is quite remarkable. Then there's the extended frequency response. The standard system is quite good, actually. The logic system is quite a bit better. The vocals actually have body and warmth, they sound like a real person is singing as opposed to a tin box. The bass is clear, extends low, and has quite a bit of oomph. Highs are detailed without being harsh. Good stuff. I'm quite an audio snob, and I'm happy with it; it's MUCH better than the BOSE I had in my G35!!

Good luck
According to my order (09 335i E92), there is a new stereo level in between base and Logic 7 called "Hi-fi sound system" - which looks to be standard on the 335 and an upgrade on the base stereo.

My 2 previous cars were an 03 Z4 and an 06 E90 330i. The Z4 had Hi-fi, the 330i had Logic 7. I thought my Z4 stereo blew my 330's out of the water, so I'm looking forward to what the Hi-fi might sound like in my 09.