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Originally Posted by TiAg330i View Post
I'm not following you.

Seems to me that you'll pay an extra $1000 for the 09 over the 08 328i sedan based on all we have been provided so far. No one yet knows how much more the 09 iDrive costs.

Of course, dealers will probably be selling 08s at better deals than the 09s until the 08s are gone.

I was talking about the 335i coupe. A similiar 2008 coupe equiped with sports package would cost $2,025 dollars more. $800 more in Base price, $350 more for sports package and $875 more for logic 7 which is standard for 08. All of this and I'm not even including tax and the fact that 09 might be less negotiable in terms of pricing compared to 08. And the only difference the 09 will have is updated Idrive and shadowline trims from the sports package compared to the similiarly equiped 08.

So my questions is do you guys think its worth it to pay an additional $2,025 dollars not including tax for just the shadowline trims and updated Idrive?