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Originally Posted by TheBry View Post
I think their update scheme makes sense. They're freshening the cars in the order they were originally released. Weren't the E90 / E91 models released first in the USA, followed by the E92 then E93 eight months later?

Maybe BMW feel it's too soon to re-tool for those models and will, instead, update them sometime next year. Maybe they'll be 2009.5 models or something. They've done that before.
That is exactly the case in ALL markets, and btw it has always been the case and not just at BMW!!!

BMW as other carmakers updates the models in the order they were introduced in the market, the E90 & E91 were the first two current 3 series body styles that were introduced they were followed by first the coupe (E92) and last the convertible (E93). So what is the big fuss here all about. Why should the E92 & E93 be updated already now? They are a lot more up to date than the E90 & E91 those two had to be updated to stay on par with the new A4 sedan & wagon as well as the C-Class sedan & wagon.

Still to my knowledge the old idrive will dissappear completly in all models pretty much at the same time maybe it will take a few months more to have it achieved in the whole lineup.

In Europe everyone is jealous of you guys in the US, as you get your BMW's so much cheaper than we do and you only complain?