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Originally Posted by snowboarder View Post
All those who think they can get a great deal on a 2009 within
a couple of months - they are dreaming. Sedans maybe sooner, not coupe.
You can get a 2008 for under invoice, add the price difference
for a 2009 model and add 0.9% rate if you buy it.
All those things considered, you end up paying at least $10 grand more
for your fancy multi-button iDrive. This is just pure damn.
Jump on those last remaining 2008's as soon as you can.
i ordered my 09 e92 and got the 08 prices honored because they had nothing for looks like for the price of an 08 i get shadowline trim and heated steering wheel but losing Logic 7 and get the Hi-fi sound system? I guess I'll take it in this market...