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Originally Posted by Arustik1 View Post
Im surprised you didnt get a ticket in MA having the front window tinted?? Lucky!!
I think he means the front side windows. It is illegal to tint anything but your rear sides and rear window in NH. In MA you can tint everything but your windshield.

I also agree with the statement that NH cops are really strict about things like this too. I regularly drive up to Manchester as I have friends and family living there and the cops are Nazis about everything. They look for any excuses to pull you over.

I even used to live in NH a few years ago and I have heard and seen people get pulled over for any and every mod on cars:
Tints = pulled over (both to check darkness and if you have your front-sides tinted)
No front plate = pulled over
6000k HID bulbs = pulled over
LED License plate bulbs = pulled over
Aftermarket exhausts = pulled over
"Blue tinted" bulbs (GP Thunders for example) = pulled over

Your chances of getting pulled over for the above things increase exponentially if you are driving through the "boonie" towns (Derry, Candia, Goffstown, Hooksett, etc.) The Barney Fife comment is accurate!