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Originally Posted by krnshinsa View Post
omfg seriously the sexiest e92 I've ever seen. any high res pics to set as my wallpaper?
sure, they can be found here:
Originally Posted by Carfreak9922 View Post
if you ever want to sell it i'll buy it!!!!!
I'll keep you posted, this actually isn't far fetched at all
Originally Posted by dvpouldar26 View Post
OMG. One of the nicest e92's in my opinion. Amazing shots. Everything is just perfects. FLAWLESS.
One question though:
Your D1s low beams 8000k, right?
thanks, yes the low beams are 8000k
Originally Posted by xPaulBaiLeyx View Post
Great pics Alex!
You seriously should have made the drive down to Long Beach for EuroCrave.
This beauty would have place high for sure!
I told you said you were going to show when we were talking at MOM.
I was planning on making the drive down but I ran out of time and at the end of the week just felt more like relaxing during the weekend.
Originally Posted by Mark Chen View Post
Awesome ride!!
those wheels are 19"?? or 20"??
they're 19"
Originally Posted by mr_nelson View Post
love ur car!
i like ur green mirrors. very original
more pics of the testarossa plz
I wish I had more photos of that car. I was taking a photo and he happened to park in my shot so I said what the heck and snapped him haha

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