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Originally Posted by kennyg View Post
Also BMW already increased their prices on June 1, 2008:

So that is 2.1% more on a price that was already bumped up 2-3 months ago.

Plus they dropped the residuals for leases, plus I am sure they won't have 0.9% financing on 09s, plus they may or may not have the automatic transmission trunk money for dealers meaning a lot less discounting from MSRP for the consumer. . .

All in all it will be a LOT more expensive (maybe close to a 10% increase with all factors considered?) to own a BMW in the future. . .
That's Ok, keep on increasing and I wont buy another bmw. I am thinking this increase is to cover their butt for the poor sales on the Z model where they had to give big discount to move those cars off of inventory.
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