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I did a post break in oil change at 1290 today. The oil didn't really *need* changing and the filter looks fine but I like the peace of mind of knowing for sure.

One thing though, I used Rhino ramps, so the car was on an incline when I changed the oil. My drain bolt is parallel to the ground unlike the one in the picture at the top of the thread. I think that the combination of the way the bolt screws into the oil pan and the incline of the car caused oil to run down the back of the oil pan and off onto the top of the plastic shield and from there out and onto the ground about three feet aft of my drain pan.

The lion's share of the oil went into the drain pan as expected but I came back from letting the remnants drizzle out to find a big mess. I think that, next time, I'll put a piece of tinfoil or something up there to keep that from happening.

It seems strange to me that no one else has complained about this. If the car were on a lift, it probably wouldn't happen but I can't see how it would ever be a non-issue when using ramps. It took me quite a while to get the oil off of the top of the plastic shield.

Be careful.