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Originally Posted by Sullyz View Post
I picked up my 328XI last week, and I was having a discussion with the New Car Manager.. He mentioned to me that I got into the lease at a good time.. I asked him why, and he said by 2010 the prices will increased significantly. I, like the above, presumed that US vs. Euro, Gas Price, list of other random things going on in the world were the cause so I was a bit surprised with his response.. I questioned him as to why, and he said that BMW as a company wants to me on the same tier as Mercedes, and other more expensive luxury car makers. He said per meetings he has had within the last month, BMW feels as tho they should be held to a different but higher standard, thus different price per unit.

Not understanding the "Why" portion.. I Ok'd him and said, Yep its a good thing I got it now. It would really suck to see this class of luxury/sport vehicle be put into a different tier in pricing.. making it less obtainable.

How true, or flawed his statement is debatable, but I found it ironic that he said that and I came across this thread.


I'm not sure I wholly agree with that. I'm sure the salesman heard that somewhere, but I remember hearing the same line from the Mercedes dealership a few years ago - "too many on the road, need to raise prices to keep them more exclusive and uphold the brand... etc, etc.". Meanwhile, MB is advertising like there is no tomorrow... so is BMW.

I think it all comes down to the dollar's value globally. BMW has taken some hard losses on the exchange rate vs. US pricing in the past year, and I think they are hedging with hefty increases this year.

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