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Originally Posted by ltdorn View Post
No start on diesel is opening them up for a nice lawsuit. When that one chucklehead forgets or just doesnt refill the special fluid and gets stuck in the middle of nowhere and is hurt or dies or some other bad thing happens and they cant start their car...... How about a limp mode instead of no start......
This is an issue of meeting emission regulations, which is why there is no compromise.

I really don't see an issue - it's really no different than remembering to change your oil, and close to the same replacement cycle.

I'd be more worried about not paying attention someday and accidentally putting regular gas in the car (although I hear the filler dimensions my prevent that?)!

I'd be questioning more the cost of the Urea recharge than I'd be worried about running out (given the huge amount of warning that the car gives you).

I think it's great that BMW is bringing diesels here. But for me personally the economics are simply not attractive enough to go away from a gasoline-powered E90....