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Another recruit in BMW's world dominance.

Just acquired a '55 320D Touring (actually, that sounds a bit dodgy - I did buy it!).

My new baby is Sparkling Graphite with Black Dakota Leather. Got some cool toys like bluetooth, spokey 17" alloys and professional nav's poor cousin - business (it's quite good actually).

I've been through quite a few motors since I passed my test in the 1850's, but finally caved and bought an 525D Touring in March. After too much time at the pumps decided to go for the 320D and don't have a bad thing to say about it (except not being able to adjust Dual Climate Control from one knob, but thats just an OCD thing).

Anyway, might look for some upgrades when my finance recover. Do they do blacklines for the Touring? I need to replace a few bits of trim like interior door handle and gear stick (maybe a shorter one) - judging by the jewellry scratches on the existing one, the former owner was Mr T.

Pics to come... Might try and make it up to UK6 on Saturday - perhaps there are some Dave Baileys amoung you guys (hint hint).

Nearly forgot... Hello everyone.