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Need help identifying oil drain plug

I decided to try this out since I'm now out of warranty and the last oil change was about $140 at a stealership in connecticut.

I was all set but when I got under the car, the little door protecting the oil drain plug wasn't there and the parts nearby are different on my car than in the thread.

My car is a 2006 325 XI.

I am going to assume that the dealer forgot to replace the door. But I'd feel a lot better if someone could confirm that I have the right bolt.

The first picutre shows a long view, looking from the front toward the back. The bolts are holding a squarish pan that seems to be just below the engine. The second one is a closeup of what I think is the drain plug, with no door.

Remember, this is an XI, so maybe that big pan is related to the AWD system?

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