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Originally Posted by CurlyFatAngry View Post
Easy there. First not everyone around here is American. And second, when you buy a GERMAN car you expect it to be designed and built in GERMANY. It's not about the workforce, it's about paying a load of money so you get a car that was built by the exact same people who created and designed it.

The global economy doesn't support this theory anymore -- nor should it. A lot of American cars are now made in Canada. Are they any less American? What about Toyota and Nissan? They build some of their best-selling cars right here in the USA too. Does that make them any less Japanese? The same goes for Apple with their Macs, iPods and iPhones. Sure, they're conceived and designed in the USA, but they're mass produced in Asia. Are these products any less American? What about aircraft? All major components for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner are manufactured in Japan, Italy and the USA. When it takes to the air, will anyone doubt its pedigree as a Boeing (and, therefore American) plane? Of course not.

If the economy keeps heading the way its headed, it would certainly behoove BMW to build a significant number of their best seller (the 3-series) here. If they don't, we'll see some VERY steep price increases; at which time I'm sure I'll be responding to a thread that reads "WTF with BMW and their $80K 3-series price tag?! It's just a 3-series for God's sake!"

Ask our friends in other countries what they paid for their 3-series -- I'm sure you'll get no sympathy from them.

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