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Originally Posted by SMBowen
I picked up my car from K&N today, they were using it to prototype their intake. They said an approx 13RWHP improvement. Problem is my car was the first in, an employee dropped her's off today, but they need 3-5 more cars to test/verify results before they can confirm numbers.

So if you live in the So Cal area (IE specifically) call Rania Gomez at 951.826.4000 ext 4458, tell her Shawn Bowen sent you. They are located on the northeast side of the 60/91/215 junction, if that helps with your decision. They do give you a loaner car for however long they have your car. They had mine for a little over a week but I think that was because of the protyping and testing rather then just testing, but I don't know.

I thought K&N already had an intake. Have you noticed any additional HP?