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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
You still bought one right?

Styling is subjective. I personally feel now that all of the cars have been "bangled" the entire lineup makes good sense and have moved the game along. It's easy to keep doing the same thing. It takes balls to do something different.
I bought one for the ENGINE and CHASSIS - the DESIGN was quite fankly a large step back - hence why most E46 owners now define their car a "classic" design.

Much like I bought a WRX in 01 - with the ugliest front end I could remember - not like the old WRX that was released globally circa 1994 - I purchased it for the love of what was underneath the hood - not how it LOOKED or what BADGE was on the vehicle.

There was no "evolution" here for BMW design - they brought in a guy who brought in ideas that Honda, Toyota, Hyundai etc had ALL been implimenting for a good 6 years - if you take away the distinctive front grill of a BMW you'd be left with a generic Japanese/Asian look-a-like. There was no genius.

And to anybody that owns a E90 sedan or 330i - my condolences - the arse end of those cars are downright disgraceful.

If they had the ability to put a 335 engine, chassis, warranty and interior updates in the shell of an E46 M3 - I certainly know what I'd have chosen.

If you want an example of what design SHOULD be - go have a look at an Audi S5 - that leaves our 335i's in the dust as far as design goes, that's truly a beautiful car.

The good news I believe is that M series cars will ALWAYS be constructed close to BMW Engineering in Germany so they can monitor quality control with greater response.

Also - EVERYBODY knows that ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS are NOT EUROPEAN STRENGTHS. You'll always have a pump failure, an electrical glitch etc. I have a mate who has to disconnect his battery if he leaves the car for more than 2 days due to the fact the power seats drain it if he DOESN'T disconnect it. And that's a MERC.

The worlds perfect car would have an engine and chassis designed by the Germans, suspension tuned by the British, electrical system design by the Japanese, exterior design by the Italians and BUILD QUALITY DESIGN by the Japanese. At this point in time the ONLY place for the American in this process would be the CONSUMER.

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