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Originally Posted by E90 ANdy View Post
now, im not chinese but why the hell do you think that everything thats made in china is a piece of worthless shit? yeah, so what if they make alot of replica and cheaper quality item, the price is cheaper to buy! If BMW ever decides to build their cars in china it would probably save them money on workers salaries, but that doesnt mean their building standards are lower. chinese are hard working people. havent you noticed that most chinese families or matter of fact MOST asian families that move to the US for 20 years do very well? it takes them 20years to build their empire from absolutely nothing. So dont be ignorant and act like china only makes crap and that their idiots because they dont know what quality control is. because they do, they just dont much of it YET
Chill, I never said a word about the Chinese people, dont dare put words in my post that were not even there.

Secondly (and yes they are getting better) quality control was lacking in China made products. Ask the conmpanies that were sweating it out when the huge toothpaste recall happened.