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Hey, I just bought my car and it came with 162s... 3/4 are curbed right on the lip of the wheel...

I just bought another set of them from a forum member and am awaiting shipping (i.e. JUST paypaled and shipping out Tues from WA)...

I'm going to mix and match to get the best 4 on my car and then I'll have 4 extras...

I just paid $650 shipped for the set... Since I'll be left with 4 slightly curbed wheels I would be willing to sell them for like $400 (for all four) local to help recoup some of my costs... I'm in and around Brookline, MA (GF), Andover MA (work), and Exeter, NH (Home) and wouldn't mind meeting up for either of you to take a look...

Let me know! Also, I do have a cosmetic warranty through the dealer and I'm going to see if they can be touched up... If they can I'd sell for the same $650 I just paid... (so... $400 curbed, $650 touched up - if they can)...