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Thanks for the welcome.

Not sure I would have been ready to track day it just yet, may need to get used to the power, when I test drove one it didn't feel as fast as I thought it would, but when I looked at the speedo I was shocked at how fast I was actually going. need to keep a keen eye on that speedo.

Here's the car I've brought

What do you think of the rear spoiler, is it an aftermarket one or an option from BMW? as you can see the original owner had ticked pretty much every option going. What I'm getting at is will it need to be declared to the insurance? if model deletion cost 65 i'm a little worried to what a spoiler will do.

I also managed to get the dealer to throw in an ipod connection, but he says this will disconnect the CD changer, and the changer can't be sold on, is this true?

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