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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
The hiss origin does not seem to be related to your PDX amp. If you can't figure out what's causing the problem, you may be better off re-installing the factory amp and then feeding the balanced speaker-level outputs of the OEM amp into the PDX. While not an optimal set-up, I'm pretty sure your noise problems would be eliminated, assuming the hiss was not audible before you swapped amps.

you mean factory amp + factory headunit together is a noise eliminating circuit? If I put the factory amp back again between them the sound quality would be rolled back in an old level.

Originally Posted by scooby9
Hiss is largely affected by the gain setting on the amplifier. When the gains are at minimum, the S/N ratio is best minimizing hiss. Can you reduce the gains on you amplifier and see if that helps?
I already turned the amp gain to minimum, but the hiss is still more than acceptable.