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Originally Posted by bsd107 View Post
I know nothing about TeleAtlas' coverage, but I'm thrilled that BMW is dumping NAVTEQ.

I had a MY99 E39 with Nav, and after paying the horrendous amount of money for updates several times (for the Cal/Nev CD) I decided that NAVTEQ isn't updating anything. Once they set up the initial database back in the 90's, they've been updating almost nothing (despite their claims on their website) for years and just cashing in.

I moved to newly built residences twice, and found that it took about 3 years each time for the streets to show up on the NAVTEQ discs (and that's AFTER I moved in, and the streets had already pre-existed for about a year prior to me moving there). I'd submit to them about the missing data, too, buy the next update, and not find them in there - really frustrating. Every year I also drive by a HUGE mall on the Interstate 5 up in mid-California - it's been there for about 5 years and it has yet to show up on the NAVTEQ discs even today (that applies to Honda's current disc as well as BMW's). And this is a huge mall in the middle of nowhere, where you'd want the Nav to be finding it while on a long trip, etc. (I've submitted that one, too, several times but they don't seem to care.)

Obviously I decided that buying annual updates (at least in Cal) from NAVTEQ was like getting robbed, so I stopped buying them every year.
I had about the same luck when I bought my CPO'd ZHP. My neighborhood was about a year old and I bought one of the last "new" houses in it. The disc. that came with the car (late 2002) didn't even show the 1st (main) road in the neighborhood (which my house was located on). Not having a budget to buy a "new" disc every year, I decided to just keep a year ahead of what I had. Car is an early `03 that had a late `02 disc in it. I bought it mid 2006. So, through ebay, I've been updateing about every year, just one year at a time. I was surprised to find two of the main roads into my neighborhood on the late 2003 disc, however, the car would get confused as I would go into that county. I would be sitting in my driveway and it would show the two main streets into my neighborhood being 2-3 blocks (estimated) to the north. Late `04 disc. I upgraded to a few months back still does the same thing...

As I've bought/sold the disc's on ebay, it really hasn't been that costly, I think about $25 (give or take) per upgrade between buying/shipping/ and selling/paypal/ebay costs...

Just a suggestion if you decide to keep on with your car and haven't updated in quite some time. I've felt less "robbed" as I'm only out about $50 so far for two updates...


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