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hey everyone, finally got around to registering, and this is the first post.. been browsing these forums for a long time. anyways though, picked up my e92 335i on Thursday, racked up a quick 900 miles during the weekend(so close for the break in to be finished)

and finally decided to try doing this mod. i think i read pretty much all the different posts.. about 10 of them covering different ways of doing this ect.. golf tee, BB, ziptie, this unplugging method..

i opened up the grey box on the left hand side, saw the solenoid plug... really easy to unplug on the 08's btw.. not as crammed as your pics..

but ya, decided on just doing the ziptie method i read on one of the other topics to avoid the error codes.. took less then a minute.. but was just curious if anyone knew with the hose plugged/(disconected/folded over and ziptied) is going to cause the solenoid in the trunk to overheat or something? since it is still trying to open and close the baffle in the exaust..

dont want to be burning something up in the trunk, since that would be bad, heh..

any inputs would be greatly appreciated..

and btw.. didnt notice much of a difference at startup, but the low rpms does sound alot meaner, with a lil more turbo whistle which i love. and maybe im crazy, but it does seem to hesitate a lil on the low end now. but a small sacrifice for me.. since it still hauls a*