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Originally Posted by jonywalker View Post
I agree with you, and for that reason I used my slash 300/2v2 to drive subs, and the PDX for front and rear channels and it almost did its job pretty well till the input sensitivity, the sound is very clear and precise. I didn't pick an another slash 300/4v2 because of its large size and high power consumption. The PDX fits wonderful into the place where the oem amp was. If the HD600/4 were not that over priced 800$ I would have already tried it. Its 8V min. (PDX 4V) input sensitivity may have halfed the hiss issue. Anyway, BMW should really improve the HU sound quality.
Now I recall VP Electricity mentioned the noise problem issue, he said the JL amps were just balanced input compatible but not the real balanced, it just took the half the input signal amplitude, so as to the alpine amps.
Maybe only the audiocontrol linedriver has the real balanced input?
Ah I see. I hope it all works out with the LC6i. I know it really added a lot of flexibility for me and my system and I hope it can do the same for you. Good luck!!!
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