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DesignAuto Studio/Hybird Performance and Vellano

Here is my experience with them. I know this is not going to be a fun thread and let me be clear that My self and Eric @ Hybird performance have a lot of history (I have said lot of unplesant things to him and he had done the same thing as well) and after much debate I decided to put this here.
My objective is that fellow E90 members cover your self if you are ever dealing with a similar scenario.
I ordered Vellano wheels and tires from Eric. We agreed that for the front we will go with 19X8.5 +38. At the same time I told him that I am not planning on lowering the car and I didn't want a agressive fitment.
I get the wheels and put them on and the front started to rub. I contact Eric and in return he calls Vellano and they blamed that the tires on the front is wrong and that is why it is rubbing. So Eric told me that he will replace the tires and which he did. So I get the new tires and the rubbing had stopped however the whells on the front is still sticking out. So I called Eric and told him what is going on. I emailed Eric and asked him for the Offset for the fornt wheels. He didn't answer my emails and when I ever I called the Shop no one answered the phone. So after waiting Couple of days I called Brandon @ Vellano and asked him for the offset. He told me the offset on the wheels are +29. As per the invoice from Eric it is +38 and that is what we agreed for but the wheel is actually a +29. - At this point in time all the communication between my self and Eric had gone south so I decided to talke to Brandon @Vellano.
Brando asked me for pics and I provided them and according to Brandon the Offset what Eric signed off is +29 not +38. Eric at this point in time says that there is nothing he can do and since I have gone to Vellano I better sort this with Vellano. As per Vellano they say it is not their problem this is a issue I have to deal with Eric. The bottom line is that as a Cuatomer I am screwed and no one wants to take the responsibility of the screwup.
Eric's customer service was topnotch until he got the money from me. Once he had got the money he didn't care. I am sure he is going to come out and say that I am a high demanding customer blah blah. I am sure that if you spend the kind of money you want answers.
I know that nothing will be solved on this and I don't have any option left to me. The reason I want to put this one out here so if any one ever thinking about dealing with one of these people pls stay away. You are better off burning your money.

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