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Originally Posted by Tara_Bell View Post
If your invoice specifically lists the wheel that you purchased as +38 offset and what you received was +29 offset, you should def get either a refund or the correct wheel. You did not get what you ordered or what you paid for.

Maybe dispute the charge?
Apparently Visa (Canada) is telling me that in order to dispute the charge I need to ship the product back. Once he had received the product then only I can dispute the charge. If he refuses to accept the package then there is nothing they can do.
As for as Visa Canada is concern once you order a product and if the product is delivered to you the case is closed. - It is a sucessful transaction.
Bottom line is I am screwed by them as well.
I learned another lesson If in the future when I buy some thing I will not use Visa it will be AMEX or Paypal.