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Successfully Imported!

Hey all,

So I wanted to update you guys on my import of a 335i Cabriolet E93 (2007).

The Salient Points:

1.) You DO NOT have to get the "BMW Letter of Admissibility"

2.) You DO NOT require a Recall Clearance Letter from BMW CANADA
-The RIV will accept a printout from ANY North American Authorized BMW Dealer. I called Warren BMW in Ohio and they mailed it to my sister's address in Ohio.
3.) You DO NOT have to change the Cluster
4.) If you activate the DRLs through the computer before you bring it into CanTire for the Federal inspection, they won't know, and won't make you install the kit to activate them (the RIV guy HIMSELF volunteered this info to me, and it worked!!)

So just to sum up my experience:

After purchasing the car (privately), I had the car shipped by Hansen's (BONDED Carrier). They shipped the car to a bonded warehouse in Mississauga on 401 and Dixie). I got a call the morning the car arrived, and went down there to pick it up. I got the paperwork from the warehouse office, and then went to the Customs office downstairs in the same building.
The guy must have liked my boyish charm, because when he converted the price into CAD, he converted it based on the exchange rate the DAY I BOUGHT the car, as opposed to the day it crossed the border (ie. 0.99 vs 0.94!)

Tricky part: So apparently, during this summer, the MTO changed the rules, so that the inspection must be done before issuing any temporary driving permits----doesn't make any sense, cause once the inspection is done, I won't NEED any temp plates, I'll get the permanent ones!!?!! I tried to explain this to the moron at the MTO, to no avail---so I just drove ihome t w/o plates---that was a friggin nightmare, cause I never went by so many cops on the streets in my life. In retrospect, I should've brought my old plates and a screwdriver with me.......

At home, I put on my old plates from my tercel (RIP).

Another helpful hint to save time and get your car on the road:

After paying the duty and GST and obtaining the Form 1 from Customs, rather than paying the RIV fee there and waiting for the Form 2 in the mail, the customs officer (God bless him---I never thought I'd be saying THAT) informed me that if you go to the RIV office directly (in Mississauga--burnhamthorpe and 427, I believe---PM me and I can tell you exact address), you can pay the RIV fee there with all your documents (including Form 1 stamped by customs and Recall printout, title and Bill of Sale), and they'll give you the Form 2 right there!

Take the Car with the Form 2 to CanTire, activate your DRLs thru the computer beforehand, get the Fed inspection, Emissions Test and Safety if the car is used.

Once that's all done, make sure your car is INSURED by your auto insurance, and take all these documents (Form 1, 2, Insurance, Title, bill of sale, and ID) to your local MTO license office, where you'll pay PST and register the car, and get plates.


Once my car arrived to Customs Mississauga, I literally had the car registered/plated within 24hours.

To be on the safe side, I would fax the Form 2 to the RIV yourself, as I called a couple of days after and the RIV had NOT received it, so I faxed it myself.

If anyone has any questions, PM me, will be happy to help out.

I love my car....I just love this thing.....hopefully doesn't give me any money i ever spent, and flippin saved about 15k buying in the US.

Best of luck to you all, and PM me if you have any questions...

marty (MK786 are my plates--honk if u spot me!)