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Originally Posted by Former_Boosted_IS View Post
I guess I don't understand how the dyno's show identical numbers. Did you ever clean your BMS? I suspect the difference is one of two things...

1. The AFE is new and hence the filters are clean. If you cleaned your BMS, it probably would have felt the same.

2. Placebo effect.
I knew before I bought the thing that it wasn't going to churn out those ridiculous numbers. I wanted it for the looks and sound and as long as it was a slight improvement over the stock box i was all for it. Dont get me wrong the BMS was awesome. It had that "spool" sound from the get-go.. The AFE was a little quiter which was okay with me but 1000 miles later on the AFE its getting progressively louder and louder...

I cleaned the BMS when I first bought it with the K&N cleaner. So yup.. clean from the very beginning and it got dirty as hell after 2k miles..

Before I could only hear the AFE with the windows down and slightly when it was up but now I hear it, very pronounced, when the windows are up. I dont listen for it anymore but everytime I hear it and people look at the ride.. brings a smile to my face...
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