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Originally Posted by DHS View Post
They have in fact been building here since 1994 and they are non-union. If you were to take the plant tour in Spartanburg then take a GM/Ford/Chrysler tour you would realize how absolutely ignorant your statement is.
Even more ignorant is to compare cars between segments and price points. Most of the people who make blanket statements that American cars suck don't take into consideration comparative market segments. If BMW had to sell a car at the price point of say a Honda Civic, or Chevy Malibu, it wouldn't compete very well in the US. Let's face it, the 3 Series is an overpriced economy car (with a big engine in the U.S.) that barely matches or sometimes beats domestic US products in reliability and defects per 100 hundred vehicles statistics. Just think if Honda had another $18,000 worth of content in a Civic.

BMWs improved greatly once Lexus, Acura, and Infinity came on the scene.