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Originally Posted by Park2670 View Post
Put your car in 3rd gear, and go from 1500 RPM to 6500 RPM 3 times, without ever shifting. That is the quickest way for the DME to adapt.
Where did you hear this? Has OBDII changed That Much? Used to be, back when the OBDII spec was first introduced on 1996+ models, that adaption was learned while driving in Closed Loop mode only... With the WOT pulls to 6500 rpms that you are describing, used to be that the OBDII BMWs would switch into OPEN loop mode where the engine ran off hard wired maps to which the adaption factors, learned only during closed loop running, would be applied. It used to take something over 40 miles of easy closed loop driving for the engine to adapt to new hardware affecting fuel trims and ignition advance.

Can you direct me to where its written that current OBDII spec is applied so differently? Almost sounds so different, maybe it should be called OBDIII?
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