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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
So, again, how can other dual-cone intakes that also sit at the top of the engine bay (and are not true CAIs) like Terry's BMS dual-cone intake and the Vishnu dual-cone intake provide real gains, but the aFe intake supposedly loses power? Doesn't make sense to me.

From Shiv's technical data about the Vishnu Dual-Cone Intake...

"This is also why drop-in air filter upgrades are only worth a few horsepower and not the 15-25whp we often see with our high flow Dual Intake System!"
You are comparing apples and oranges. If you compare what you can read from the vendors' material, you will see that these are inline. Vishnu 25whp and AFE 27whp.

The other alternative is to compare the independent dyno results, and you will see that the dyno results are pretty much in line again... So don't be

There is not much difference in the cone filters available in the market.