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Originally Posted by a3ndy
Talk about indecisive! I just checked out what you have changed in since you ordered it. I think you're in the lead for the number of changes. It just goes to show that you are aware that you want to make the right choices, and not regret them. I've been there done that. Colour is a major issue cos once it's painted, no going back. Make a wise decision! Thrill30, if I was you, which I am obviously not, I would way up the pros and cons of each colour side by side, with pictures too. This is what I had to so to choose between Black Saphire and TiAg. I know I have made the right decison going with TiAg. Put it this way, TiAg is safe, good all rounder - can't go wrong. It just happens to be a common colour, and it just goes to show why.

Good luck again. I do hope you make the right decision.


talk about rubbing it in!!

Hehehe, I actually cut the list of changes short because I thought people will not believe me, and might think i'm making a joke. I've made more changes than i revealed in that other thread. The options spreadsheet that I keep updating is finalised now. I'm happy with the options I chose under my budget constraints.

Thanks for the advice, but I'm afraid I've done exactly that (i.e. putting the cars side by side and looking at the pro's and con's)... and guess what? I ended up with Silver as a clear winner....but my signature still says "Sparkling Graphite/Terra"... that just about sums it up about my indecisiveness hey!!
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