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After re-reading this thread, nobody ever answered the OP's question. Excellent help from the community on that one.

So now I have a couple of questions:
1. Has anybody used any of the following shops for service (courtesy of

Sigys Service Center, Maryland , Rockville, USA 20850

BMW Excluservice, Maryland , Rockville, USA 20852

Foreign Car Service, Virginia , Alexandria, USA 22314

Alexandria Bavarian Service, Virginia , Alexandria, USA 22301 1040

2. I'm doing the 1200 mile service; engine, differential, and possibly the ATF in the ZF Steptronic.

Has anybody changed the ATF at the 1200 mile mark? I've searched and found that most recommend against it and the majority of dealers actually refuse to do the service, period. Not for adverse effects but basically the unit is a real pain to work with (and yes I know that the manual says lifetime fill, but unless BMW has developed a magical transmission that doesn't produce metal shavings I'm not buying it).

I would like to know if anyone has actually seen ATF from a 335 at the 1200 mile mark?