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Originally Posted by alex2112 View Post
LED License plate bulbs = pulled over
I didn't know that particular form of LIGHT is illegal.
What's next, candle light illegal in restaurants?


Inspection Sticker 3 days over = pulled over

One tail light out (after all stores are closed which is about 6pm in a booney town) = pulled over

Truck 1 inch too high = pulled over

2 years ago NH was worried about losing federal highway funds so they stepped up 'enforcement' of the only seat belt law (under 18). I watched a Nashua cop stand on the corner of a busy intersection and pull over every teenager not wearing a seat belt. The important distinction is other states ticket people for this only if they pull someone over for another violation. (MA law is this way)

Not wearing a seat belt under 18 = pulled over.

In Manchester they made "cruising" illegal for a while until a lawyer sued the city for blocking access to a public way - and won.

Driving down the street in Manchester = pulled over

When I lived in MA I visited friends in Nashua. Driving around in circles on one way streets because I took a wrong turn. Nashua downtown has nearly 100% of the cross streets one way.

Not breaking any traffic laws, going under 30 mph, just getting lost = pulled over

and finally

Having MA plates and a black car in Concord visiting my parents = Followed around by a bored Concord cop 2 inches off my bumper for 5 miles.

NH cops are very bad. Just plain hostile to motorists.
Don't tint your front windows