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Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
That isnt the same car - you've bloody well gone and bought a brand new car you bugger!!! Seriously, that is a fantastic detail on your car - bet it cost a small fortune though??
The initial detail on my car cost around 450 - which I think is a bit of a bargain given how much work went into it. We started at 9am, finished at a quarter to midnight.. To be fair though, Paul did me a massive favour by carrying on into the night, because normally it would have been a two day job with the wet sanding involved etc... Swirl marks on a black coloured car are notoriously hard work to remove.

If anyone wants a detail on their car, or just a bloody good clean, contact him at Mention you're off the forum and I'm sure he'll do you a good deal. I've only had my car detailed once, so all I need to do to maintain it is to give it a good wash, glaze and top up the wax once in a while. Really easy