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A couple of points I learned from a local indy shop owner:

If you use a quart bottle like what Redline comes in, you can make your own pump. Don't waste your time with those cheap siphon pumps that work poorly.

Drilling doesn't work so well, so I melted a hole in the cap that allows the clear plastic tubing (found at your local auto parts store) to fit tightly. I just found an old drill bit that was slightly smaller that what I needed and heated the shank with a torch. Then I applied the heated end to the cap (screwed onto an empty bottle) and worked it around until I had the hose size I needed. Pushed the tubing down to the bottom of the bottle and stuck the other end up into the fill hole of the gearbox or diff. Squeeze while holding the bottle upright.

To prevent leaks from the plugs, apply some thread sealant to them. This typically comes in paste and tape form. I have heard that the paste is better. Apply to the threads near the head of the drain plug before installation.

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