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Arrow *** Photo Contest #1 ***

So I'd been searching around a little and was surprised that nobody has done this yet, as its pretty popular over on Acurazine and thought I'd find the same thing on here.

Here's the pitch:

A regular Photography contest where members will have a selected "theme" black and white, landscapes, leading lines, reflections, sunsets, portraits, water, night... you get the idea. The creator of each contest can be as broad or specific as they want and then members will submit their OWN original photos (old or new) for the contest. There will be a submission period of a week or two and then when that period has closed, a poll will be created for the judging period where members will vote for their favorites. Then when the poll closes (about a weeks time) whoever has the most votes will be responsible for creating the next "theme" for the next contest.

Its a great way for those who are into photography to showcase some work and also for some of us amateurs to get out and have an excuse/reason to go shoot stuff for the theme in any way we interoperate it.

SO... since this is kinda a new concept on here we'll just make it simple for the 1st one and hopefully it'll catch on as something people do on a regular basis.

The way they do it over on Acurazine is that we want mostly edited but not altered photos (stay away from special effects and such unless its part of the theme, however playing with exposure, saturation, sharpness/blur, contrast ect... are ok as long as they aren't excessive)


THEME: "B&W Portraits"

From Wikipedia:
A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.

This one should be a "layup" for most people so lets keep it simple for the 1st few contests so we can get a lot of people to submit.

The rules for this contest are as follows: (stole these from Acurazine cuz their stuff seems to work well)

-Any interpretation of the theme that falls within rules is welcome.
-You must be the person that took the photo. Previous photos are acceptable as long as you are the one that captured the image.
-One submission per contest.
-Images must be no larger than 800px in any direction. Links to larger images are allowed but you must have one that is under 800px for the poll.
-All contestants must host their own pictures.
-All pictures must have a title.
-While post processing in photoshop is allowed, adding or removing parts of the picture is not. In the event a photo is suspected to be "photochopped," the contestant will be asked to provide the original picture.

Important dates and poll info:
Entries must be submitted to this thread no later than Sunday September 28th at 7pm EST.

The poll will start on Monday September 29th.

Good luck everyone and lets pass the word along to as many people as we can about these contests.

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