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Originally Posted by TheLegacy View Post
Cool I'm down for anything. I'm just looking to chill and do something. The biz is just well a side biz/hobby.

I have a Olympus dslr e510, its a really good mid-range. I've just reached "pro status" this summer. Before I just found models and photographers but now I'm actually getting hire for shoots also these days.

So a mid range olympusis def a good start. Check out the photography forum here btw.

The Nikon D80 is great but for the price and being a strater I'd avoid it.

My next camera in a year or 2 will be a higher series Nikon w/ dif lense.

A nice camera is helpful, for sure but even with my smaller cam an old canon powershot, I can take some great shots. Its all in the eye

i agree. it is all in the eye.

i found a D80 for $620 shipped with lens.. which i believe is a great deal.. but i agree for a starter spending over 700 for an SLR is too much
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