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Powershot G9 or Rebel Xti/ Xsi

Ok, its time to get another camera... I've been so fed up without having a good camera (I sold my Xti about 6 Months ago, matter of fact, it was to a member on here).. anyways, I've done some research and have actually been eyeballing the Powershot G9 for a while now... That and the reason why I sold the Xti was because the XSi was coming out so I was going to get that. I just don't know if I want to lug that thing around again.. I know the Xsi is a little smaller than the Xti but still.. with all the crap the architecture school requires me to carry around, I dono if I'll have the guts to take the Xti/ Xsi around with me everywhere I go.. If I got the G9, I could keep it in my messenger bag .. In NYC anything can happen, I see so many nice cars I wanna take pictures of and soooooo many stunning buildings I want to capture. If any of you have any experience with the Powershot G9 and the Rebel Xti/ Xsi, please give some feedback, I will be doing some more research also (power to google! ).. Btw, I will be using the camera to take pictures of mainly, buildings, portraits, cars, scenery, basically the whole package lol..