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Rebel Xsi all the way! The G9 is still around $500, which IMO is too much to pay for a point and shoot. Especially when an XSi can be had for $700 with lens (you can probably do better too in some cases). I don't care if it has manual settings, 12MP with that small of an image sensor is going to result in digital noise. And the included lens has a few flaws:
1. It's only 35mm at the wide end, which isn't too wide-angle
2. At the 210mm telephoto, the aperture is f/8.0 at best
[Edit: I was wrong about this: 3. No image stabilization]

I'm still a beginner at photography, and I understand your concern about carrying it everywhere... But I love the image quality on my new Rebel XSi, it blows away my old P&S. And if you check out they have some good messenger bags and backpacks that serve as dual purpose camera-bags and overall carrybags.
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