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Originally Posted by thrill30

with the help of the positive reviews and feedback from this forum regarding the Sport suspension and 18" wheels, I'm 110% happy with my choice of 18"(style 162) wheels. Big up to this forum and members!!

My worry is that I'm going to be fixing rims all the time because some of the roads I use around here are not ideal...and to make matters worse, my right foot is freakin' too heavy, so by the time I see a pothole it's usually too late to do anything.

My 235/40 17" tires of my beloved E36 were always in the repair shop, because of the surprise potholes that mushroom in the middle of a perfectly looking road. Well, I will have to learn to adapt my driving style, because this time I won't even have a spare wheel to talk about while a bent rim is at the repair shop.

But then again I refuse to let potholes and bad roads decide the wheels of my E90 hehehe....18" all the away!!!
You are soo right !!

I had the same problem with bending wheels, and I've come to the conclusion its all about the construction of the wheel. I've had stock BMW 16" wheels (yes I kid you not, 16) that I've bent on a pothole, I've bent the 17" BMW wheels also. But I've also owned some aftermarket 18" wheels (BBS) that I've never bent, even on the worst of potholes. So its all about the contruction of the wheel, or atleast i'd say thats more of a factor then the size.

We can only hope and pray that the 18" wheels are manufacturered for quality I think they will be, because the multispoke design itself lends itself to being more strong.. impact forces get split up and sent in all different directions.. whereas on a 5spoke you are much more likely to bend. I guess time will tell and hopefully BMW made these wheels of high quality.. (sometimes they dont as I can vouch for !! )

btw, I drive the same way as you and have the same wheel problems as you, hehe, i take it that this is something all us enthusiasts get into.. I just cant help but drive fast, even if the road is all messed up.!