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Well according to some 'exclusive' insider reports here is the general upcoming BMW roadmap. Things are looking good!

These dates aren't the timeline for leaks but rather the official presentation of these cars and/or arrival to dealerships.

09/08 E90 Facelift
11/08 New 7 Series
01/09 New Z4
09/09 BMW PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan Crossover)
2009 BMW X1 arrives to dealers
2010 New 5 series
2010/2011 BMW CS based vehicle
2011 1-series Sedan
2011 Z2 lightweight roadster
2012 BMW Supersportscar tribute / M1 revival ---- this car has been postponed by the board due to the current economic climate
2012 1-Series Coupe/Convert
2012 New 3 series Sedan, 6 months later the wagen
2012 Possible X4
2013 New 3 series Coupe and Convert
2013 New 6 Series
2014 New long wheelbase X5 or possibly called the X7

Many of these dates are pure speculation, but many seem to have alot of detailed information attached to them making them seem more accurate then simple rumor. It will be exciting to see things unfold, but the looks of things are good!!!
Whoever compiled this "RoadMap" cleary does not work within BMW AG!!


There never was to be a production car of the M1 Hommage. This is merely a design study to celebrate 30 years of the M1 , there was no plans for production , especially in what was speculated on specifics for the production version. Why no production M1? Because BMW are not interested in Pissing competitions with our rivals and are more interested in future sustainance and stability thanks to our Efficient Dynamics programme.

No 1er sedan. BMW will not introduce a sedan because of the damage that can be done of BMW four cylinder 3er sales in Europe in which four cylinder petrol and diesel models are big sellers in European markets. And the 1er will not interfere by not introducing a conventional sedan and touring variants.

Z2 Roadster will be based off the next 1er platform and will have offer aswell as usual petrol and diesel engines a stand alone turbo charged four cylinder with mild hybrid technology. The aim is to have a BMW sports car in amongst the hybrids but to defy convention by offering something more unique and groundbreaking for customers.

No X7. The X5 is sufficient enough in terms of space , performance and efficiency.

BMW Gran Turismo - will be the flagship of the BMW division. The Audi A7 will be a direct competitor with the Mercedes CLS , The BMW and Audi are two different segments - Audi is for the mid level luxury segment and BMW will be for the upper luxury segment. The BMW will be the most expensive BMW on the market.