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Just installed installed the Homelink retrofit tonight. Here are a few additional tips:

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1)Follow SGxi DIY to learn how to get the mirror cover and mirror off...
To get the mirror cover off, I tried wiggling my fingers on the two sides but it was on pretty tight. I basically held the cover on both sides and turned it clockwise with a little bit of force and it came right off. As for the mirror, use gentle force turning clockwise and it comes right off as well.

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2)To get the upper console off place a slim flat head screwdriver in the areas marked to unclip the console.
It's hard to tell where exactly to position the screw driver. As I was poking and prodding, the opaque light cover came off. Once that is off, you can clearly see the grove where the screw driver needs to go in. The light cover just snaps back on.

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Now that you have the console open and mirror off is when things get a little tricky. Actually, more of a pain in the ass.

3)Follow pages 11 and 12 or section 6 of the BMW retrofit PDF that are marked "US Cars Only"
The very first step advises you to cut branches A6 and A7 off the retrofit wire. Mine weren't even there, it was like Tischer prepped the wire for me, I dunno?

4)First pain in the ass step is feeding the wire through the rubber sleeve. I had to feed them wire by wire. After I figured out a little system it got easier but at first I was really frustrated.
This was indeed a PITA. The official instructions say to remove the adhesive tape but easier said than done. Where the tape meets the rubber grommet is where the tape starts, not ends, so the end of the tape is wrapped underneath itself. I had to just pull it away from the rubber grommet. As for trying to feed the wires through the rubber grommet, the existing wires are wrapped in the felt adhesive tape and it is sticky inside from the tape so the wires don't just slide right through. Also, working from the inside of the console does not give you much room. What I did was pulled down the headliner slightly where the rubber grommet is and lifted rubber grommet and plastic holder off the headliner. I then pulled down on the rubber grommet and wires so that I could work it from the outside near the windshield. Once I fed the new wires through, I placed the rubber grommet and holder back onto the headliner.

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5)After feeding the new wires open up the original clip by using that very very small flat head. I couldn't get the 3 wires that are in your mirror to start to back out of the harness so I left them there and added the necessary wires to that harness instead of the new one like the instructions tell you to.
Followed these instructions. I used the chart from AoshichanX's write up which was helpful:

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6)Follow the wiring diagram on the PDF(Page 6, section 3) to insert the wires into the proper number plug. Combining page 6 and 12 will guide you as to what color wire goes where.
The connector is numbered so this step is pretty straight forward. Just follow the official instructions.

For the last two steps, you need to take apart the connectors to insert the wires. To see how to take them apart, check out the parts that come in the retrofit kit. The kit comes with the connectors which you don't need to use but is a good reference to see how they work and do a trial run of taking it apart before working on the real connector.

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7)Once everything is plugged in hang the mirror and plug it in and start the car to see if the compass works, if it lights up your done. Now begin reassembling everything, rather easy.
Worked like a charm right as soon as I turn on the ignition. The thing that I found interesting was that when the mirror dims, so does the compass.

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8)Now program the mirror following the instructions in your car manual. Very easy.
Tip here. I tried about 10 times following the instructions in the manual to hold the remote 2 - 8 inches from the mirror. It didn't work until I placed it directly against the mirror when programming.

As for my mirror, I also found it through Tried various combinations to find the part. Mine came from a 2006 330i. Got it from a place called Weber Bros Auto ( for $135 shipped. Placed an order on their website and they shipped that day.

Couldn't be happier with the results. Props to those that posted DIYs for me to refer to. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.